As a shareholder, Vereniging Aegon represents in a balanced manner the direct and indirect interests of Aegon N.V. and its group companies, insured parties, employees, shareholders and other relations of these companies.

Origin of Vereniging Aegon


Vereniging Aegon (the ‘Vereniging’) is an association under Dutch law. Until 1983, it was known as Vereniging AGO. It was established in 1978 as the legal successor of AGO Onderlinge Levensverzekeringen, which was demutualized as a result of a legal restructuring of the AGO insurance group. Under the terms of the restructuring, Vereniging AGO became the sole shareholder in AGO Holding N.V.

Members and Executive Committee

The General Meeting of Members of Vereniging Aegon has nineteen members. These members have different social backgrounds.

Voting rights

The Vereniging's voting rights exercisable under normal circumstances on common and common shares B amount to approximately 15,39%, based on the number of outstanding and voting shares, as at December 31, 2021 (14.82% as at December 31, 2020).

Retirement Schedule

Legal structure

The Vereniging is an association organised and existing under Dutch law.

Articles of Association

Press releases

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